Glance shows hook failed: "identity-service-relation-changed"

asked 2018-09-12 01:16:39 -0500

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Hello, On our new Queens Openstack Deployment on Bionic Ubuntu Glance shows hook failed: "identity-service-relation-changed", we tried reinstalling but its still same. Can someone something better. Our setup includes Ceph and Swift units too.

openstack@queens:~/OS$ juju status glance
Model    Controller  Cloud/Region  Version  SLA          Timestamp
default  Queens   Queens     2.4.2    unsupported  06:06:36Z

App     Version  Status  Scale  Charm   Store       Rev  OS      Notes
glance  16.0.1   error       1  glance  jujucharms  269  ubuntu
nrpe             active      1  nrpe    jujucharms   50  ubuntu

Unit       Workload  Agent  Machine  Public address  Ports          Message
glance/1*  error     idle   0/lxd/6     9292/tcp       hook failed: "identity-service-relation-changed"
  nrpe/17  active    idle       icmp,5666/tcp  ready

Machine  State    DNS          Inst id              Series  AZ       Message
0        started  pgkhrx               bionic  default  Deployed
0/lxd/6  started  juju-ed1da0-0-lxd-6  bionic  default  Container started

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This issue is fixed, it was with the glance revision 269 which I used. After reinstalled Glance with revision 267 error is cleared..

TijoV gravatar imageTijoV ( 2018-09-13 02:24:44 -0500 )edit