How to update vcpu allocation_ratio dynamically?

asked 2018-08-23 21:03:37 -0500

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The openstack version is queen. When I use "/resource_providers/{uuid}/inventories/MEMORY_MB" to update memory_mb allocation_ratio, and it success.But after somtimes,it revert to old value automatically. Then I find it report the value from compute_node in nova-compute automatically. But the allocation_ratio of compute_node was came from the nova.conf.So that means,We can't update the allocation_ratio until we update the nova.conf? But I wish to update the allocation_ratio dynamically other to update the nova.conf.

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answered 2018-12-20 06:33:55 -0500

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At the moment what you describe is the behavior as things are coded: the compute node's configuration will control the allocation_ratio that gets reported, and any changes you make over the placement API will be clobbered when the periodic job on the nova-compute runs again. So the way to change the allocation ratio is to update nova.conf.

This is planned to be fixed in Stein.

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