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Slow RAM speed Windows server 2016 hosted in OPENSTACK

asked 2018-08-20 07:54:09 -0600

Hi, We are trying to use Windows Server 2016 within Openstack virtualization as production VM for IIS web server - typical web business application - IIS + Mysql + MVC5.

But we are facing about 30% performance degradation problem. (Any good idea and help is appreciated.)

We have detaily logged IIS, SOAP UI, Application vice performance logs, Mysql Slow query Logs.

In general, we have discovered, that all layers are 30 percent slower (e.g. for Mysql db same query with same execution plan took approx. 30 percent longer to execute on openstack platform).

We've run novabench benchmark on destination VM with following result:

NON-OPENSTACK VM: RAM Speed: 17663 MB/s OPENSTACK VM: RAM Speed: 7062 MB/s

-> Other tested metrics were in same performance level.

Our openstack admin've created ubuntu VM in same openstack environment and measured RAM Speed about 20000 MB/s.

Question folows:

1) Is there any openstack-related known problem which should slow-down Windows 2k16 VM - related to RAM speed/throughput?

2) Are there any openstack configuration options whose could lead to this RAM speed degradation?

REMARK: As hypevizor manager is used KVM ( (


BR, Dalibor

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answered 2018-08-23 02:35:50 -0600

Please could anybody confirm this question? Its for longer time in: This post is awaiting moderation. Thanks,

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