OpenDaylight usage with OpenStack

asked 2018-08-14 06:37:10 -0600


I am trying to integrate the OpenDaylight SDN controller to a cloud which I deployed using Openstack and Ubuntu Juju using MAAS as foundation. The process of integrating the SDN controller into the cloud is somewhat clear to me at the moment and I should be able to complete this step soon. However, I don't know how to begin with developing some small tests or applications around this post the integration. My setup is basically a cloud with openstack deployed on it and I can spin VM's (Ubuntu 16.04) from this cloud. There are detailed resources available online on how to get started with developing applications with OpenDaylight but I am not sure if things will change especially in the context of OpenStack and Juju. For example, I'm not clear on what purpose is the controller serving exactly. Do I need to still install OpenDaylight on each VM I create?, in order to use it.

If anyone has worked in a similar direction before or could offer some suggestions, please reply to this thread.

Regards, Niket

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