How to deploy Mirantis Fuel in Vcenter

asked 2018-08-11 10:21:42 -0500

anonymous user


Hi All,

I have vcenter with one ESxi and one uplink which has access to the internet. The ESXi has Local Disk on it.

I wanted to deploy Mirantis Fuel in it. This is what I am planning to do. 1. Deploy Mirantis IOS with 5 VLANs a. Public b. Private c. Management d. PXE admin e. Storage

I have following questions. 1. As storage is local, do I need storage VLAN or interface? 2. How will Fuel master node detect ESXi host which we call node in Openstack ? 3. How many VLANs do I configure fore the uplink of ESXi which is Eth0? Do I have to change any VLAN settings on Eth0? Like add VLAN for ESXi so it can talk to Fuel master node properly.

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