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ComputeHostNotFound_Remote: Compute host controller1 could not be found. [closed]

asked 2018-08-06 02:30:47 -0500 gravatar image

updated 2018-08-06 02:34:21 -0500

Hi community,

I have setup openstack pike on ubuntu 16.04 about half a year ago.

It consists of controller1 ,controller2,compute1,compute2.

It already has three compute nodes : controller2,compute1,compute2

Now I want to add controller1 to compute nodes.

I set it up according to

But it fail to add controller1 to compute nodes.

I try to boot a vm after I disabled controller2,compute1,compute2

It shows error: No Vaild host found .

/var/log/nova/nova-compute.log shows :

No compute node record for host controller1: ComputeHostNotFound_Remote: Compute host controller1 could not be found.

root@controller1:~# nova service-list --binary nova-compute |grep controller1

| bfdacdd5-ede8-488c-98c3-fcec2943c39b | nova-compute | controller1 | nova | enabled | up | 2018-08-06T07:21:18.000000 | - | False

but nova hypervisor-list does not shows controller1

root@controller1:~# su -s /bin/sh -c "nova-manage cell_v2 discover_hosts --verbose" nova ## does not find controller1

Found 2 cell mappings. Skipping cell0

since it does not contain hosts.

Getting computes from cell 'cell1': 7eba3d3e-3886-48fd-828c-e5ef562b414f

Found 0 unmapped computes in cell:7eba3d3e-3886-48fd-828c-e5ef562b414f

Any hints is appreciated! Thank you !

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answered 2018-08-06 03:10:27 -0500 gravatar image

I have found another error in nova-compute.log on controller1:

Could not open '/var/lib/libvirt/images/win7.qcow2': Permission denied\n"

It turn out that other workmate has created some vm using virt-install on controller1 some days ago.

so this time , when I setup compute service on controller1 , it will install libvirtd , and something may mess up .

After undefining the old vm(virsh undefine win7)and restart services, it succeed to add controller1 to compute nodes.

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