Neutron Layer2 emulated network (flat?)

asked 2018-08-01 18:06:12 -0600

AndyB gravatar image

So I have an VM / appliance that is very broadcast / multicast heavy and I need to provide an emulated Layer2 network. If I create a standard OS::Neutron:Net network, it appears to be created as network_type "vxlan". From what I can tell, this is causing me problems in the application.

type: OS::Neutron::Net
  name: { get_param: net_name_1 }
  admin_state_up: True

Everything I read seems to indicate I want to create a flat network. That seems to require me to use OS::Neutron::ProviderNet, but that also seems to require me to tie it to a physical port on the compute node... Is there a way around this?

Previously we've used this in an OpenStack environment with Contrail and Contrail just has a nice "Layer2 Network" button on the GUI... :/


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