the policy_rules of column

asked 2018-07-29 04:47:53 -0600

i want to make some column only can be seen by admin.So I find a argument in datatable.column like following: class horizon.tables.Column(transform, verbose_name=None, sortable=True, link=None, allowed_data_types=None, hidden=False, attrs=None, status=False, status_choices=None, display_choices=None, empty_value=None, filters=None, classes=None, summation=None, auto=None, truncate=None, link_classes=None, wrap_list=False, form_field=None, form_field_attributes=None, update_action=None, link_attrs=None, policy_rules=None, cell_attributes_getter=None, help_text=None) And i change the column like created = tables.Column("created", verbose_name=_("Time since created"), filters=(filters.parse_isotime, filters.timesince_sortable), attrs={'data-type': 'timesince'}, policy_rules=(("identity", "identity:get_role"),))

but it failed maybe it is a bug I want to know whether there are other methods to solve my question! My English is not very good and Thanks any way please help me

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