OpenStack Queens + VMware vSphere 6 setup

asked 2018-07-16 20:20:29 -0600

Hey guys, does anyone lately deployed OpenStack (Queens version) using vmware as hypervisor? Is there a guide or documentations you recommend? I've been trying for several weeks with no success and personally it's quite awkward not fiding any specific guide or tutorial in the internet (could only find devstack setup). When I launch an instance, the folder structure (/Openstack/Project/Instances) is created at the vCenter but, at the time of executing the "Copying Virtual Machine" task we get the following error at the vSphere Client: "An error occurred during host configuration".

My configurations is based on the following doc: (

Setup Details: All-in-One node (CentOS 7 + OpenStack Queens) vCenter Server Appliance 6

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