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devstack queens Horizon errors (offline compression enabled))

asked 2018-07-11 11:06:53 -0600

anonymous user


Hi I have installed devstack stable/queens on an ubuntu16.04 VM (KVM 4vCPU, 10GB) on laptop (ubuntu18.04 host) (+heat/tacker/mistral/barbican/networking-sfc which tacker requires).

I had some python issues (ubuntu16.04 uses python2.7 I think , even though Python3 also installed) and Errors during first installs which I seemed to clear up via

$ sudo rm -rf /opt/stack
$ cd /usr/local
$ sudo rm -rf lib/python2.7/dist-packages/* site_ruby/* bin/*
rebooted vm and then reran

(also had a problem with ceilometer mongodb backend , does this need installing seperately, as a workaround I removed this option from local.conf) terminated with following message:

This is your host IP address:

This is your host IPv6 address: ::1

Horizon is now available at

Keystone is serving at

The default users are: admin and demo

The password:

I seem to have most things working, I have OS-CLI installed on host and can connect to the admin client:

openstack service list


| ID | Name | Type |


| 05eba8ea2c244c6b9aea5782ca19ab43 | placement | placement |

| 2edb3440f2cd4e68b2222f494f8beaa8 | tacker | nfv-orchestration |

| 54b8aa55d6324058b20e2b2f21327f18 | cinder | block-storage |

| 56569946548f4b399252a5f893561b65 | mistral | workflowv2 |

| 57353afd759c492f90fbd145b65fbb4b | barbican | key-manager |

| 5a06ef6a7773401d896d4463b3462a50 | cinderv3 | volumev3 |

| 659ebc7d12914a55a9d9924272c881ca | nova_legacy | compute_legacy |

| 820ed1063cf44e6e9a9da984b8d5b244 | cinder | volume |

| 8d4701c2429b42a3956aa542bddcf67b | neutron | network |

| a462bc17eeb74cc4b6fe67c1608d53cf | gnocchi | metric |

| a6f58afb27a74afdb0f9605b25fc9cc1 | nova | compute |

| b0e680a97899411ab0a28a2a5bd229a2 | aodh | alarming |

| c68a12b072224faa8589b611e6b4c46e | glance | image |

| d8a4c01aec9249da9ec1d5969a12fc61 | heat-cfn | cloudformation |

| dd61058f3190401f971de7320199779d | heat | orchestration |

| dfa867ff7bc7452eb719bc4928089f69 | keystone | identity |

| e6a36a07ae0f497ba372256e5e2d9a99 | cinderv2 | volumev2 |


Note, no Horizon service listed?

However, trying to connect to Horizon at I get error message

You have offline compression enabled but key "ecd92c3f012c0db776c16a1156ab9a33f960af988af82627109a40feb250c3e9" is missing from offline manifest. You may need to run "python compress".

then many lines of script-src output

Am not sure where to run this "python compress" command
I assume it is in /opt/stack/horizon

when running it there I got:

stack@devstack:/opt/stack/horizon$ sudo python compress

Found 'compress' tags in:


Compressing... done
Compressed 7 block(s) from 4 template(s) for 2 context(s).

I could then see and login to Horizon login page, and temporarily see main GUI page of admin BUT clicking around the display soon reverts to the same offline compression errors page,

so any ideas what is wrong here? thanks in advance

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answered 2018-07-11 12:07:02 -0600

AndyW gravatar image

postscript: this horizon issue seems to have disappeared after a restart of devstack using and then

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