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lost compute node

asked 2018-07-09 14:38:45 -0600

I've lost a compute node. For some reason I was in the understanding that my servers would restart on another computer node. But they are stuck in my node and I fail to see how I would start them on another node.

nova list --host os-compute03
| ID                                   | Name         | Status  | Task State   | Power State | Networks             |
| d6df4056-4693-4c76-b236-12d519100ec6 | SVR-TEAM     | REBUILD | rebuilding   | Running     | vlan15=  |
| f592dad6-7d92-4d99-8a2d-c4f002b4f0a7 | ws2k8r2-exch | ACTIVE  | -            | Running     | vlan15=   |
| c7174b2c-ea11-4e12-9501-d3dfbcdb17c1 | ws2k8r2_dc   | ACTIVE  | powering-off | Running     | vlan15=   |

I've taken out stuff that I dont care.

I've already rebuilt a new domain controller, so I guess I dont care about ws2k8r2_dc anymore.

I've manage ny editing the INSTACE table in the NOVA database to move a server to another node, but he is so not starting : 9eb3bd5a-2b81-4f5d-83df-74ee56d1b8fe | SVR-ZABBIX | SHUTOFF | - | NOSTATE | vlan15=

I've played a lot with with the reset state.

I mean, how can I stabilized my cluster without the 3rd cluster member.

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answered 2018-07-10 14:51:55 -0600

I "only" missed the directive --on-shared-device

nova evacuate SVR-TEAM os-compute01 --on-shared-storage

It seemed important for some reason.

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haha, I can't even mark my answer as the good one !

danychouinard gravatar imagedanychouinard ( 2018-07-10 14:52:38 -0600 )edit

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