OpenStack-Ansible Queens with EMC Unity and Cisco Nexus 5K deployment

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Hello OpenStack community!

I'm trying to complete a manageable deployment of Queens using OpenStack-Ansible.

We have two EMC Unity SANs (Unity 300 and Unity 400). The 300 will be used for Cinder LUNs, and the 400 will be used as an NFS server for Shared Instance Storage.

Glance has its own dedicated server with a RAID-6 array sitting on it.

We've got a Cisco Nexus 5648Q and two Cisco Nexus 2348UPQ switches/FEXs.

We have three controller hosts, each of which has four 10Gb CNA ports linked to the Nexus fabric. We have (currently) got three compute hosts (with two 10Gb CNA ports each), and intend to migrate across existing compute hardware from our current Icehouse cluster (which was deployed manually on CentOS 6).

We are using CentOS 7 for all systems.

We already have a syslog server, which we would like OSA to talk to.

We have a dedicated deployment server (a VMware VM), which has access to the same networks as we're using for the Queens deployment.

We've got a two-node (plus witness) EnterpriseDB Failover Manager 3.0 cluster, using PostgreSQL 10 database, which we would greatly prefer to use instead of Galera.

Can you please assist us with this deployment? I'm struggling to get my head around the myriad config options available for OSA, particularly surrounding networking, storage and database. Ideally, I would like to use the cisco-networking ML2 driver to manage the Nexus switch stack (eliminating the need for container networking and OpenVSwitch), the emc-unity Cinder driver to manage the Unity 300 for Cinder volumes (eliminating the need for LVM) and EFM 3 instead of Galera. Can this be done? Would we be able to add disparate-hardware compute nodes to the cluster easily in the future? Would we struggle during major version upgrades?

If you need further information to assist, please ask.

Thank you in advance,


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