Best Practice Storage Solution for Cinder and Glance [closed]

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Hi all,

we plan to deploy a little OS cloud with 2 - 4 compute nodes at the beginning.
At the moment I try to find a good and userful solution about the storage for Cinder and Glance. My idea is to use the compute-nodes also as storage-nodes with a GlusterFS filesystem.

Two Storage Nodes --> Replication
Four Storage Nodes --> 2x Nodes Replication + 2x Nodes Stripe

Has anyone such a working installation and can give me some userful tips? Or is this a stupid idea? :-)
What is the best practise storage solution for OpenStack Cinder and Glance? Should I use Ceph instead GlusterFS?


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answered 2014-02-05 15:01:17 -0600

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Hi Martin, with RDO the GlusterFS integration might be the right solution, but the smallest, somehow stable installation requires at least 1 controller node, 1 network node and 2 or more compute nodes and I guess the GlusterFS nodes do need their own physical machines, @rdo experts: right?

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