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Hi, I am trying to install Openstack Newton on Centos 7.3 platform. While installing the Openstack repository:

yum install centos-release-openstack-newton. I am getting the following output:

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, langpacks Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: * epel: * extras: * updates: Package yum-3.4.3-158.el7.centos.noarch already installed and latest version No package install available. No package centos-release-openstack-newton available. Nothing to do

Is Openstack newton support removed from Centos? how can I access the old Repositories ?

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answered 2018-07-09 21:09:36 -0600

updated 2018-07-09 21:12:24 -0600

You will find them on Replace the mirrorlist commands in the CentOS-Base.repo and perhaps other files by baseurl that point to the vault, then install centos-release-openstack-newton. After that, you also need to tweak the baseurl directives in the three new repo files so that they point to the vault.

I installed the Newton version of Packstack this way. Not sure if more changes are required for a manual installation according to the tutorial.

EDIT: I just notice this question is from June. Why does it appear in my feed only now?

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answered 2018-07-09 18:51:34 -0600

KevK gravatar image


yum install

should add the repository, then try: yum install centos-release-openstack-newton

The openstack-newton yum package was included in the extras repository by default, but it was taken out following newer versions of openstack. This should let you install.

Source: https: //

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