Cannot launch instance when using higher flavor.

asked 2018-06-07 04:27:06 -0500

zarzaid gravatar image

Good Day everyone, Im deploying openstack following packstack rdo tutorial (via advance network). My spec (only for presentation before i got approval from my company to upgrade): Controller: 2 Core, 6gb ram Compute 1: 4 Core, 4gb ram Compute 2: 2 Core, 6gb ram

I can only launch two m1.small flavored instance in compute 1, and four m1.medium in compute 2. I can't launch more spec than that. and i also can't launch instance with higher flavor after i removed those instances. If i'm not mistaken, vcpu and ram default allocation is 16:1 and 1.5:1. I would like to launch an instance that use the maximum resource. at least 6 core, 10gb ram (the higher the better). Can anyone guide me on this?

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