How to spreading SNAT and Floating IP to multiple network nodes ?

asked 2018-06-06 12:45:25 -0600

Crackz Ant gravatar image


I have been setup openstack queens with DVR HA on 3 compute nodes and 3 network nodes. More detail, i've been implement dvr_no_external on the compute nodes and dvr_snat on the network nodes, so traffic among vms only going through between compute nodes and only external traffic (snat and floating network - dnat) will going through network nodes.

In a small test with multiple projects and multiple vms per project, network nodes only provide HA, which means only one active at any given time. More precisely, all SNAT IP and Floating ip only bound to single (master) network node. They moved (failover) only when the master network nodes failed.

How can I set the DVR-HA to not only provide HA but also provide some load-balance snat traffic and floating network bound to multiple network nodes?

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