seperate bandwidth limits for public and private networks

asked 2018-06-06 11:59:06 -0500

Damian Dąbrowski gravatar image

updated 2018-06-06 11:59:47 -0500


For each flavor I want to assign seperate bandwidth limit for external and private networks.

Unfortunately, when I set Virtual Interface QoS to flavor, the limit applies for each interface connected to the VM, no matter if it is public or private.

I've came up with this idea:

  • assign virtual interface QoS to flavor, which will be limit for private network(which will be always bigger than for public network) - this will be default limit for all instance interfaces

  • for public network QoS: create own mechanism which will match the ports to the instances to which they are connected, and assign suitable QoS policy to these ports based on their instance flavor.

It will probably work, but seems to be very complicated.

Maybe You know any simpler way to implement this?

I will be very grateful for any answers.

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