glance cannot create multiple volumes simultaneously

asked 2018-05-23 14:19:50 -0500

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Is it not possible to create multiple volumes at the same time from the same image?

Essentially, I am trying to deploy a test environment and need to create about 20 VMs all using the same image. I prefer volume backed instances in case I need to terminate and redeploy later.

However, unless I wait for a volume to completely finish creating, if I attempt to create another volume, the creation immediately errors. If I retry to create that same volume again with the same exact parameters after the previous volume is fully created, it works fine.

This behavior seems a bit odd, as I thought Openstack was used for public clouds, so you would almost certainly have volumes being created all the time at the same time using the same image. As such, I am guessing I have a setting misconfigured somewhere.

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Yes its possible .Can you share the logs and also nova,glance and cinder configuration

Deepa gravatar imageDeepa ( 2018-05-24 00:42:02 -0500 )edit

The control node(s) can be a limiting factor when creating volumes from images. Even a small number of volumes can tear down a control node since the image conversion takes place on the local storage of the node.

eblock gravatar imageeblock ( 2018-05-24 02:31:03 -0500 )edit

Read this for some more details.

eblock gravatar imageeblock ( 2018-05-24 02:31:28 -0500 )edit

I would not have thought that its "common" to consider running cinder-volume on the control node, where I would try to isolate my api-services. I would attempt to run those on custom storage nodes...?

theque42 gravatar imagetheque42 ( 2018-05-24 02:50:38 -0500 )edit

If you started with a lab environment with an older release and it became a production environment all of a sudden, you could end up with cinder-volume on a control node ;-) or if you have a limited number of nodes and only plan a small cluster and so on, there are a couple of reasons.

eblock gravatar imageeblock ( 2018-05-24 03:14:45 -0500 )edit