Forcing the provision-state to "active"

asked 2018-05-22 11:44:36 -0600

 foobar:~ # ironic node-list | grep theserver
| x033sfbc-551d-399e-2392-2s3ey6g9334f | theserver | None          | power on    | wait call-back     | False       |
foobar:~ #

foobar:~ # ironic node-set-provision-state theserver active
The requested action "active" can not be performed on node "x033sfbc-551d-399e-2392-2s3ey6g9334f" while it is in state "wait call-back". (HTTP 400)
foobar:~ # 

foobar:~ # ironic --version
foobar:~ #

The state was active before, "theserver" is installed and used, no problem with it, only a "rebuild" was issued wrongly, so no need to rebuild, just need to fix the state to "active".

The big question: How can I set the provision state to active, from "wait call-back"?

Where does ironic store these states? In a DB? or in a binary format somewhere? Can it be modified in raw?

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