Error : Unable to find port with name or id

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1->created instances(vm1,vm2..),networks(nw1,nw2) using heat templates , where all the vms are attached with the nw1,nw2. 2->Now lets say vm1 has 10.90.xx.xx(nw1) and 192.168.xx.xx(vm2) ips assigned and manually I detached the nw1 and nw2 interface and later attached nw1 and nw2 back to the vm1 instance. 3->I want to create one more network(nm3) so I added that network details to the heat template

when I try to update stack it is throwing below error 2018-05-11 12:51:53 [App1]: UPDATE_FAILED resource.vm1: Unable to find port with name or id <xx-xxx-xxxx>

I checked port id in using neutron port-list | grep vm1 and found the port is changed to <yy-yyy-yyyy>(This happened because of manual changes as mentioned in step 2),but seems to be heat is looking for old port id <xx-xxx-xxxx>

Tried same scenario by deleting the network(created with stack) and recreated manually and got same error "Unable to find network with name or id"

It seems to heat is looking for old ids instead of new ones(which got changed due to manual update)

Can some one please help to solve this issue and proceed the heat update

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