Will created VM be destroyed?

asked 2018-05-04 04:30:55 -0600

Kuldeep Sharma gravatar image

What will happen if I have 2 VMs in heat template and one got created successfully and while creating second VM the compute capacity was less and it failed. Or due to any reason, 2nd VM creation got failed.

Will the first instance be destroyed automatically?

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answered 2018-11-26 14:21:08 -0600

zaneb gravatar image

updated 2018-11-26 14:21:36 -0600

If rollback is enabled in Heat (by passing the --enable-rollback flag to openstack stack create) then yes, the stack will be rolled back and the already-created resource deleted.

If rollback is disabled (the default), the stack will be left in a state where only one of the VMs is created. You can try to correct the problem and update again.

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