Different address pools for project routers and floating IPs

asked 2018-05-03 09:50:23 -0500

Vaggelis Kapoulas gravatar image

Is it possible to use a different address pool for the external addresses of the projects routers, and a different one for the floating IPs?

In my rather standard setup the project routers get their addresses to the external (provider) network from the same pool as the floating IPs (i.e. the range of the respective external subnet)

As I have a very limited supply of public addresses (that can be used as floating IPs), I want project routers to get their addresses to the external network from a different pool of private addresses. These internal addresses will be SNATed to reach the Internet.

I guess I can have two subnets for the external (provider) network, but how do I tell openstack/neutron to use one subnet for allocating floating IPs and another subnet for allocating addresses for the project routers?

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