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Problem installation Keystone(queens)

asked 2018-05-03 03:34:10 -0600

UnaShoes gravatar image

I'm installing openstack, following the official guide, and on my controller node I installed first keystone, but I have a problem:

Failed to discover available identity versions when contacting http://xx.xx.xx.69:35357/v3. 
Attempting to parse version from URL.
Internal Server Error (HTTP 500) (my error) ( (Senzanome))

this is my keystonerc:

export OS_USERNAME=admin
export OS_PASSWORD=openstack1
export OS_TENANT_NAME=admin
export OS_AUTH_URL=http://xx.xx.xx.69:35357/v3
export OS_REGION_NAME=kvm-allinone2
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Hi, as per the Queens installation guide in, OS_AUTH_URL=http://controller:5000/v3. Did you try setting this option ?

VarunNair gravatar imageVarunNair ( 2018-07-19 04:46:04 -0600 )edit

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answered 2018-06-30 03:29:56 -0600

voidking gravatar image

Have you resolved the problem? I met up the same problem and have no idea to handle it.

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