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Installing devstack stops at "openstack --os-cloud=devstack-admin --os-region-name=RegionOne image create cirros-0.3.5-x86_64-disk --public --container-format=bare --disk-format qcow2"

asked 2018-05-02 17:39:47 -0600

Konathalasuren gravatar image

Installing devstack on Ubuntu 16.04.4 hangs/stops at

  • functions:upload_image:380 : openstack --os-cloud=devstack-admin --os-region-name=RegionOne image create cirros-0.3.5-x86_64-disk --public --container-format=bare --disk-format qcow2

I had to disable etcd in or else it was showing error at etcd.


What are my options?

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did you find the solution to the problem? I'm having that problem right now and could really use some help

tom123 gravatar imagetom123 ( 2018-08-31 19:31:32 -0600 )edit

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answered 2018-05-02 19:44:01 -0600

updated 2018-05-02 19:48:28 -0600

It could be due to some setting in your local.conf or a bug in devstack. To understand better why the image create command fails, check the Glance API log.

On a default installation, devstack uses systemd to manage the various OpenStack services. If that is your case, the Glance API log can be viewed like this: journalctl -u devstack@g-api. Otherwise, the log is probably /opt/stack/logs/g-api.log.

You can also run the failed command manually from the command line, and add the --debug option. But judging from your earlier comment, it would seem that Glance API is simply not running.

You may also have useful information in the log file. The Glance error may be a consequence of an earlier problem, which could be logged as well. In short, don't only check the last few lines of the log.

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