How to do SSH key exchange between VMs via HEAT template (Not only between Control node and VMs)

asked 2018-04-23 07:51:44 -0600

Subeesh KK gravatar image


I am newbie to openstack. I am creating a stack using HEAT template. In the yaml file I mentioned the key name as

parameters: # Common parameters
key_name: my-key-pair

After the stack is created, I am able to ssh to all VMs from my control node without password, successfully like this:

ssh -i /root/my-key-pair.pem user@instanceip

My requirement here is, similarly I need to do ssh between the VMs also. Just like I did between ControlNode and VMs, I wanted to do ssh without password from VM1 to VM2.

How to key exchange between the VMs? How can I achieve this using HEAT template ? Can someone help please.

Thank You, Subeesh

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