Cinder Block Storage Node Installation Problem

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I am trying to install Cinder Block Storage Node on one of my VMs Ubuntu 14. I am using the following installation tutorial. (

I am getting the following error message in the Step 2::

root@UbuntuVM2:/home/test# pvcreate /dev/sdb Device /dev/sdb not found (or ignored by filtering).

Is installation on VM possible for Cinder Blocks or Physical harddisk required for "pvcreate /dev/sdb/" The reason i am asking is because if it is succesful, following message should be printed as per tutorial::

"Physical volume "/dev/sdb" successfully created"

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answered 2018-04-19 09:26:56 -0600

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The installation tutorial uses the LVM backend for Cinder, where each Cinder volume corresponds to a logical volume in an LVM volume group. The volume group consists of one or more physical volumes. The pvcreate command formats a disk as a physical volume.

The instructions assume that your block storage node has SCSI disks in addition to the root disk (the diagram on that page mentions sdb and sdc, although I think the installation tutorial only uses sdb).

You therefore have to set up your VM with at least one additional disk. Here is how you do that with VirtualBox:

image description

If it's not a SCSI or SATA disk named sdb, your hypervisor may also support virtio disks named vdb, or other disk types, to which you need to adapt the tutorial. Of course, these "disks" are as virtual as the VM and are usually implemented using files on the VM host. To the VM, however, they look like hard disks.

As an alternative to disks, you could create a loop device on the VM and use that as a physical volume (the approach taken by DevStack and Packstack), but it's probably easier to just add a disk.

Apart from LVM, you can use other backends. If you don't have fibre-channel disk arrays, Netapp appliances and the like, you could look into experimenting with NFS, iSCSI or Ceph, but the installation guide is based on LVM.

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