Load sharing between network nodes

asked 2018-04-11 04:38:15 -0600

I have successfully installed Openstack Pike + Openvswitch with DVR. However, SNAT for instances without floating IP is not shared between compute nodes and is still managed by network nodes.

I understand I can have multiple network nodes with VRRP for HA but is there a way to have multiple network nodes for load sharing ? I've seen some answers from 2014 which tend to say no but in the Neutron/DVR documentation dating from Juno it says :

As far as North/South SNAT is concerned, this will still need to flow through a central Network Node; having said that, multiple network nodes can still be run, however a failure of a network node will bring down all the routers associated with it, causing instances running on multiple compute nodes to lose external connectivity at once

Do I only install another network node with same configuration and everything is handled by Openstack ? If so, how is it handled ? I understand SNAT is handled with ip rule on compute hosts but in presence of two network nodes - active/active, not VRRP -, how is selected the "right" network node ?

Is each router assigned to a network node ? If so, how can i decide which router use some network node; can I migrate router between nodes ?



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