Getting cached response when fetching stack details from openstack using npm pkgcloud getStack() method

asked 2018-04-10 23:49:30 -0600

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I am using the below code block to fetch the details of a particular stack. The code is working fine and I am getting the stack details. But the problem is that I have to get the status of stack after stack creation is completed .I am using the same code block as below but I am getting cached response; by cached response I mean that the stack status which I get even after the stack creation is complete is "Create in Progress" instead of "Create Complete". Can someone tell why such behavior ?

How to get the actual stack details instead of the cached details?

Can something be done on openstack end or on pkgcloud end?

 var stackID = '162472b2-e453-4e2c-919a-0150d0fb878d';
 var temp_data = JSON.stringify(stack);

     // var keys = Object.keys(stack.outputs);
       //for(var i=0;i<keys.length;i++){
         //  var key = keys[i];
           //console.log(key, stack.outputs[key]);
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