virt-install : ubuntu 16.04 image will not boot

asked 2018-03-27 07:44:51 -0600

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Hello there,

Im a newbie in virsh and i want to report a problem. I need, for a part of my BScthesis to deploy a vm so i can create a custom image to upload it to openstack later.I follow the basic steps to create a vm with virt-install from CLI(

  • qemu-img create -f qcow2 /var/lib/libvirt/images/custom_ubuntu.qcow2 20G

  • virt-install --virt-type kvm --name imagevm --ram 2048 --vcpus 2 --disk /var/lib/libvirt/images/custom_ubuntu.qcow2,format=qcow2 --network network=default --graphics vnc,listen= --noautoconsole --os-type=linux --os-variant=ubuntu16.04 --cdrom=/var/lib/libvirt/boot/xenial64mini.iso

  • after this, i did the complete installation of the ubuntu 16.04 ( + OpenSSH Server) without any problem

  • but after the detach of the boot disk commands :

    • virsh start imagevm --paused

    • virsh attach-disk --type cdrom --mode readonly imagevm "" hda

    • virsh resume imagevm

  • the VNCviewer was stuck in the boot screen (screenshot uploaded) (image description)

Extras: I tried many ways and changes to the virt-install command + different isos of 16.04 version but i had the same problem. The only time that it works, was with the trusty 14.04 version.

Thank for your time

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