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Can we manage Openstack Instances through AWS console ?

asked 2018-03-26 09:45:39 -0500

Shahid gravatar image

updated 2018-03-26 09:46:04 -0500

Hi all,

Suppose I am having few Instances running on my Openstack and I want that I can see and manage these Instances on AWS console on "ec2" dashboard. Is this way of working possible in Openstack and if yes than what should be the approach to do this ?

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answered 2018-03-27 03:00:56 -0500

Hi, it is not possible, they are different services not working together.

There are a few commercial solutions and probably a few open source that may show you both cloud provider in a unififed place.

One that came to my mind is RH cloudforms, maybe cloudify to.


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answered 2018-03-30 03:57:05 -0500

Shahid gravatar image

updated 2018-03-30 04:06:46 -0500

Hi I got the Answer myself @Eduardo Gonzalez , it's not exactly what I expected but it worked for me.

I created a VPC on AWS and have established a VPN connection to my Controller which made me enable to access Openstack dashboard and Instances through my AWS Instances from that VPC.

Thanks for your help!!!

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Hi , I want to ask you if this process it is hybrid cloud because in my project I need t migrate my instance to Aws in case of failure, so to provide the high availability of my environment , and I don't know how to start this ?? I am doing a lots of search and I found a lots of information ??

raniaadouni gravatar imageraniaadouni ( 2018-07-27 07:17:21 -0500 )edit

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