Unable to load an instance. Have couple of errors on the dashboard and nova compute logs.

asked 2018-03-23 10:15:52 -0600

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I have openstack installed and located on several nodes ( controller, kvm, storages ). I choose from the Details menu name, availability zone and count, from source I click on image as a boot source and set a size of 1 GB (for cirros image which is 13 MB). On the Flavor menu I select 1 CPU and 512 RAM + 2 GB disk. When I try to create an instance I get the following error on the web GUI on task Spawning:

Error: Failed to perform requested operation on instance "TEST", the instance has an error status: Please try again later [Error: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available.].

When I log on the KVM node, in nova-compute log i can find:

Final resource view: http://name=kvm2.blabla.com phys_ram=64393MB used_ram=512MB phys_disk=1824GB used_disk=0GB total_vcpus=24 used_vcpus=0 pci_stats=[] Unable to refresh my resource provider record

EDIT: I found another error, this time in neutron-server.log:

2018-03-23 14:18:36.386 9750 ERROR neutron.plugins.ml2.managers [req-b561d090-04bb-46af-a2ae-206cb45ff46f 50f0b84a7803438389e5df9bf3710faf 1e97523590324008ac4738ec7343b1eb - - -] Failed to bind port db18ce47-57c8-4d25-a22a-e6ff2cffc012 on host kvm2 for vnic_type normal using segments [{'segmentation_id': None, 'physical_network': u'default', 'id': u'1b85ab9e-a379-4867-b641-73e4072669e6', 'network_type': u'flat'}]

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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