No file was found when using with_first_found while creating a container in openstack-ansible ocata version(15.1.17)?

asked 2018-03-20 11:28:47 -0600

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Hi team,

we have been running private cloud with openstack since 6+ month. suddenly due to power failure DC is down. so i struggle to recover galera cluster, but unfortunately i was destroyed one of galera container(i had copied container data to other location) while recovering galera cluster. finally i was managed to recover 2 galera nodes out of 3.

I had deployed openstack with openstack-ansible with ocata (15.1.17)..

Now i want rebuild galera container..i was getting following error while rebuild container.

fatal: [infra2_galera_container-17e8b4e5]: FAILED! => {"failed": true, "msg": "No file was found when using with_first_found. Use the 'skip: true' option to allow this task to be skipped if no files are found"}

I had gone few forums, there they had mentioned like need to update openstack-ansible version with git.

if i upgrade to pike or queen will it effect on my current infra?

please suggest me, Thanks

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