How can I connect to my VM from outside the host machine?

asked 2018-03-15 01:37:51 -0500

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Installed OpenStack onto a destop machine which has Ubuntu 16.04 OS running. Created two VM instances in Openstack and assigned floating IPs to those VM instances. Added the below rule in default security group

Ingress IPv4 TCP 22 (SSH)

Ingress IPv4 ICMP Any

Desktop Machine IP – (Host)

VM1 –

VM2 –

Laptop –

  1. Ping and SSH works between two VMs.
  2. Ping and SSH works between Host and VMs.
  3. VMs able to ping externally Google, rediff etc.
  4. VM able to ping Laptop

But Laptop or any machine outside the host box is unable to ping or ssh into VM

@henrik16 @laurentiusoica @dbaxps

Any help would be appreciated

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