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asked 2014-01-31 17:44:22 -0600

I've deployed OpenStack Havana using Mirantis Fuel 4.0 (stable) and I'm having issues with the scheduler. By default, all filters are available and the FilterScheduler is configured in /etc/nova/nova.conf.

However, when I try to use filters such as different_host or same_host, it doesn't seem to take effect. I've tried with both the Nova Python client and with Fog, but it will happily stuff like 4 instances on the same host, despite me using the different_host filter.

Not only that, but FilterScheduler makes bad decisions, loading up one host with 100 VCPUs and not distributing them to hosts that only have 4 VCPUs in use. This is despite the fact that all the compute nodes have the same hardware underneath.

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answered 2014-02-06 19:47:26 -0600

Anton Rodionov gravatar image


First we recommend to review nova-schedule.log to see if you have any tracebacks related to any Scheduler class(es). If so please post details here and we'll be happy to review them.

Detailed information on filters:

Please note that various filters may not work how you think they would work. For example, there is no VMWare DRS equivalent in OpenStack, for allocation based dynamically on resources availability.

Filters are binary - a host is either accepted or rejected by the filter. Accepted hosts are then processed using a Weights algorithm. The RamWeigher is the only weigher currently available.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you find specific bugs with specific Filters and we'll be happy to help with lodging a bug report regarding the matter.

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