Horizon:Something went wrong! An unexpected error has occurred.

asked 2018-02-22 05:41:21 -0600

saleh gravatar image

Hi i am new with Openstack and following the below tutorial https://docs.openstack.org/install-guide/index.html (https://docs.openstack.org/install-gu...)

i have finished all the steps, but i have below error message when i log in from horizon:

Something went wrong! An unexpected error has occurred. Try refreshing the page. If that doesn't help, contact your local administrator.

i tried all the solution on the internet and it didn't work. any advice ?

thank you

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This is most likely some misconfiguration. Start by looking for error messages in the Horizon logs, perhaps also Apache.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2018-02-22 09:23:43 -0600 )edit

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answered 2018-02-25 03:16:14 -0600

saleh gravatar image

it work by add -l in /etc/memcached.conf

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It works. Just restart memcached as service memcached restart

Daein Choi gravatar imageDaein Choi ( 2020-03-24 19:41:45 -0600 )edit

answered 2018-02-25 19:42:35 -0600

Radhakrishnan Rk gravatar image
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answered 2018-02-25 09:25:58 -0600

jckreddy gravatar image

Yes clearly it is configuration related Error. If it is still not working check httpd service once.

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