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Does disk space required in compute node when launch instance from block storage?

asked 2018-02-20 03:48:21 -0500

pandi90 gravatar image


does disk space required in compute node when launch instance from block storage?

My setup is like 1 controller, 3 compute(each 50GB disk) and 1 cinder storage.. I'm lunching instance from cinder volume. While launching instance does it check disk space available in compute node.

Example I have created 100GB bootable volume and launched as instance, But compute node have only 50GB. Does this instance launch successfully?

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answered 2018-02-26 02:40:52 -0500

tonyp12 gravatar image

I found a solution for this Set your flavours to 0GB disk for root and ephermeral and then it will not consume compute node local disk when you create instances with cinder volume backend

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Yes if you are launching instance from Cinder volume then root disk should be set to zero in flavors

Deepa gravatar imageDeepa ( 2018-02-26 03:03:38 -0500 )edit

answered 2018-02-26 01:22:44 -0500

Deepa gravatar image

If you are launching instance from cinder volume then there shouldn't be any issues ,you should be able to launch successfully

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I am seeing that the hypervisor stats are showing consumed local disk. This means that after a high consumption, the instances are failing to start with 'no available host' error message.

tonyp12 gravatar imagetonyp12 ( 2018-02-26 02:02:33 -0500 )edit

Yes @tonyp12 ..I too having same issue.Instance not starting shows no available host ..

pandi90 gravatar imagepandi90 ( 2018-02-26 02:20:27 -0500 )edit

Check my link above in this page. The solution is to set your flavors to disk / ephemeral for 0GB. This is if you use cinder back end storage.

tonyp12 gravatar imagetonyp12 ( 2018-02-26 19:26:32 -0500 )edit

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