IMAP / SMTP / FTP load balancing

asked 2018-02-16 15:42:22 -0600

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server1 <---- replication ---- > server2

using LBaaS v2 on top of these instances. How would one setup the correct configuration to allow imap(s) traffic flow throw the load balancer and failover to server2 if server1 is down?

what kind of healthmonitor do I need to setup? At the moment, when server1 goes down traffic is never flown to server2 on the imap port.

I've setup port 80 and port 443 correctly, failover works as it should.

  1. Is this possible at all?
  2. if not, how would I need to setup failover in openstack?
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answered 2018-02-19 10:34:49 -0600

johnsom gravatar image

Hi there,

IMAP and SMTP can be configured using TCP listener, TCP Pool, and a TCP healthcheck. We do not yet have an IMAP or SMTP specific health monitor type, but it is on the roadmap.

FTP is a bit harder as it opens random ports.

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