How do debug node install?

asked 2018-02-14 22:01:55 -0500

tony.pearce gravatar image

I am running into an issue with deployment. To put it simply, I tag the controller node with the control profile however during the deployment the compute role is installed on the controller node and consequently the deployment fails.

openstack overcloud profiles list +--------------------------------------+--------------+-----------------+-----------------+-------------------+ | Node UUID | Node Name | Provision State | Current Profile | Possible Profiles | +--------------------------------------+--------------+-----------------+-----------------+-------------------+ | 29f8a4b9-3f48-4079-9fba-afe868660e7f | Controller-0 | available | control | | | 42b6c88f-bab6-4b7d-a011-fa181b33ee4b | Compute-0 | available | compute | | | 2e46ce3d-b42f-4f03-8f16-cd4758fe0eae | Compute-1 | available | compute | | +--------------------------------------+--------------+-----------------+-----------------+-------------------+

As per the above output you can see that the controller-0 has control profile assigned.

When I run the deploy command, I monitor ironic node-list and I manually power on the controller node. I see that node status go into "deploying" when the controller node has PXE booted and is being installed. So at this point things look good, openstack is showing the controller node is being installed and the only baremetal node powered on is the controller node. But after the install completes and the node is powered off then back on, it boots up with a hostname of "compute".

How can I debug this? I cannot get this deployed for this very reason :(

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