Single Machine Install DHCP?

asked 2018-02-03 07:41:27 -0500

I have a spare HP Workstation (dual quad core xeons and 32GB) which I was hoping to use to host development VM's.

Yesterday I tried installing OpenStack after installing a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04, the install went fine but I was unable to access the instances on my local network. My local network consists of a modem, and a router(responsible for assigning IP addresses via DHCP).

I was hoping there was a way that instances created in OpenStack could be assigned IP addresses from my router so that they could be accessed on my local network? I've searched Google but couldn't find anything of much use.

In the past I had XenServer installed on the server, and when I created VM's within it, the VM was assigned an IP address by my router, I was hoping to do the same with OpenStack?

Can anyone provide any advice or assistance?

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