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Error (404): Item not found

asked 2018-02-02 08:35:44 -0500

M4rc0 gravatar image

Hi, I'm starting with pkgcloud and I have a problem with my code.

auth_username = 'admin'; auth_password = 'ac1556ad87354740'; auth_url = ''; project_name = 'admin'; region_name = 'RegionOne';

var conn = require('pkgcloud').compute.createClient({ provider: 'openstack', username: auth_username, password: auth_password, authUrl: auth_url, region: region_name });

where can I found the logs to check if this is working?

conn.getImages(function(err, images) { if(err){ console.error(err.message) } else { console.log(images[0].name); } });

I got 2 images loaded in my Openstack deployment, and the user , pass, and endpoint are ok. The result of this code is : Error (404): Item not found I have a packstack installation over Centos7, using pike Thanks for any help can I receive.

Kind regards, Marco

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answered 2018-02-02 08:46:39 -0500

M4rc0 gravatar image

I got it. The URL has to be And I use this code to see what is happening (log)

conn.on('log::*', function(message, object) { if (object) { console.log(this.event.split('::')[1] + ' ' + message); console.dir(object); } else { console.log(this.event.split('::')[1] + ' ' + message); } });

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