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Automate Incremental volume backup

asked 2018-02-01 10:14:20 -0500

Hi All,

I have to configure, schedule and manage backups of all the data including but not limited to files, folders, images, system state, databases and enterprise applications & restore it.

As of now taking snapshot of volume everytime and again it was full backup, I would like to know solution, "How to backup all data ( files, all types of databases) first time full backup and next only incremental and restore it finally using openstack tools ?

Note: Vm is boot from volume ( Block storage) where ceph is backend

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answered 2018-02-01 16:04:32 -0500

Snapshots are co-located with their volumes and don’t protect you against storage device failures. They are good for restoring files that are deleted by accident.

For full and incremental backups and restore, see

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