Nova Evacuation Instance not resizing, skipping migration; Stale Placement Resources [closed]

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Hello, I currently have an issue with my OpenStack Pike deployment.

The Nova log on the compute nodes shows this:

[instance: c62495be-953e-43b3-8083-d88daad1bd1f] Instance not resizing, skipping migration.

The status in the nova database (migrations table) is set to pre-migrating and migration_type is evacuation.

It seems that the 'ongoing' migration claimed resources from the placement api and I now have inconsistencies. For example, the placement api reports 150 vCPUs used for a compute node while nova only reports 120 vCPUs.

Is there any way to abort the evacuation so that the resources are freed again?

The issue occurred after I shutdown the whole OpenStack cluster and bootet it back up. The migrations table shows the source and destination node as the same node so there isn't really an evacuation going on.


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