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sctp load balancer

asked 2018-01-15 21:26:09 -0500

Murli gravatar image

In my private cloud, I want to load balance incoming SCTP traffic across multiple VMs based on the destination port.

Any suggestions on what are the options I should explore?

Searching through google I see the most prominent layer 4 load balancers are TCP/HTTP based load balancers. I am not able to find a production tested load balancers for SCTP traffic.

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answered 2018-08-30 10:52:34 -0500

I was extensively researching this option and came to a conclusion that OpenStack doesn't natively support routing of SCTP headers. You will need to use third party solutions such as GRE tunneling or L2TP, likely with OvS. Overlay is the only option unfortunately. You can establish a master GRE node and from there relay other tunnels towards machines that you need. Also you can do it with VPN as well, that if you need some sort of encryption (or IPsec).

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