glance no longer works after moving glance services to storage node

asked 2018-01-12 16:10:49 -0600

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I deployed openstack with kolla 5.0.0. I had one control node and two compute nodes and everything seemed to be working fine...I recently setup a new node to be used for storage...Since I am using kolla I added configuration to the globals.yml and the multinode inventory file to tell it to deploy its glance services on the storage node.

Below are the changes I made to my multinode file

I changed this to have my new storage node


I then changed glance to run on storage


Finally, I changed glance-api and glance-registry to run on storage as well

# Additional control implemented here. These groups allow you to control which
# services run on which hosts at a per-service level.
# Word of caution: Some services are required to run on the same host to
# function appropriately. For example, neutron-metadata-agent must run on the
# same host as the l3-agent and (depending on configuration) the dhcp-agent.

# Glance


I ran kolla-ansible prechecks -i multinode and that passed successfully.

I ran kolla-ansible deploy -i multinode and that deployed successfully.

But now I can't do anything with glance.

on the CLI I run openstack image list and it says

Unauthorized (HTTP 401)

I also run glance image-list and it says

Invalid OpenStack Identity credentials.

when I go into Horizon and navigate to images tab an error pops up and says it can't retrieve the images and then kicks me out of the horizon dashboard back to the login screen.

None of this was happening when I ran glance on my control node. It all worked perfectly when it ran on control. Why won't glance work on my storage node? Is it a problem with keystone authentication or something?

I am very lost at this point and don't know what I did wrong. Please help.

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