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how does kolla project get its version

asked 2018-01-10 22:59:31 -0500

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Hi, we are trying to find from where does kolla acquires its version as the setup.cfg file does not have any version info. but PKG-INFO file inside kolla.egg-info folder does aquire a version field.

PS: the question was raised because there is no change in github code of kolla(branch pike) however when we install kolla(branch pike). The command pip list | grep kolla we see version :5.0.2 instead of regular :5.0.1 . PKG-INFO file in kolla.egg-info aslo shows version 5.0.2 As there is no change in code of kolla pike branch ..where does this change come from?

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answered 2018-01-11 01:18:26 -0500


OpenStack projects uses PBR for versioning.

PBR will create a new release based on the tag:

In example, tag 3.0.2 will create an sdist (pypy package with 3.0.2 version).

Commits outside of tags are versioned as: current<n+1> (3.0.2.dev94)

When a new release is made in kolla, the git repo from a branch have version: latest_tag+1.

In exampe for tag 3.0.2, stable/ocata branch git repo will have 3.0.3 (unreleased).


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