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Ironic node obtains incorrect ip during provision

asked 2017-12-30 22:08:33 -0500

lunablessing gravatar image

When deploying a baremetal node with Pike, neutron DHCP agent provides an incorrect IP address. After "openstack server create", I can found two ports are created, one is on provisioning network, and the other one is on tenant network. When I "cat /var/lib/neutron/dhcp/network_UUID/leases", I find sometimes the tenant work has the DHCP entry rather than the provisioning network. This cause the node get an IP address in tenant network and cannot reach the tftp server. I am using ipmi driver and the network interface is neutron. The provisioning network is flat while the tenant network is vxlan. This configuration sometimes works fine (when the provisioning network acts DHCP) but not stable. I believe the process should be provisioning network during deployment and tenant network after then. Could someone please give me some advice? Thanks in advance.

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answered 2018-04-05 07:29:39 -0500

So what your seeing seems correct. Two ports will end up being created. One on the provisioning network. dnsmasq instances should be completely separate per networks operating in their own network namespaces.

Have you confirmed that dhcp requests are coming in from the physical network that the provisioning network is attached to? what is the network_interface in ironic? If your attempting to use vxlan tenant networks, you may need special ml2 drivers running to help facilitate the network switching because by default we typically use vlan networks.

It might be helpful for you to login to and join #openstack-ironic. From there we can help you troubleshoot some of your issues.

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