openstack doesnt show the right storage space lvm

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I have a production rdo openstack configuration with two nodes and everything works smoothly as should. My node configuration per server has a two logical volumes

--vg0 110GB root centos volume group
--cinder-volumes 300 GB not mounted (vm pools)

The openstack under hypervizor shows a storage of 186GB which I think it is from the both root volume groups. This is wrong since the vm's I'm sure are allocated at the cinder-volumes (I can check the usage - openstack is aware only for the root lvm and not the cinder-volumes lvm).

My problem is that I can not create more VM's if I exceed the 90GB storage allocation per node and for this reason I can not allocate and utilize the server in maximum.

The server is in production and I have not so many option to operate with so, please could anybody give me a suggestion or clue why this is happening.

Regards, shkumbini

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