how can I run tcpdump command on my br-ex in docker containers??

asked 2017-12-07 16:57:51 -0600

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I deployed with kolla 5.0.0 and all openstack services are running in docker containers. I really need to do some debugging because when doing a ping from my VM to the external gateway or anything external (Public network) some how the packets get all the way to the qrouter and then out the qg on the qrouter which is supposed to go to br-int --> br-ex --> and then the External interface....but qg on the qrouter NEVER gets a reply from the gateway...When doing tcpdumps qg-2bfa4de4-ac which is my qg on the qrouter, it shows the requests coming from the VM but no replies from the gateway its pinging...I think when packets go from the qg-2bfa4de4-ac to the br-int it can't make it out either the br-int, the br-ex or the external interface on the br-ex.

SO...How can I run tcpdump on the br-ex?? I wanna see if anything makes it there after it gets past the qrouter.

The reason I'm asking this is cause ALL openstack service are in docker containers and I can't seem to find where the br-ex is in order to run tcpdump br-ex command on it.

Network services are running on the one control node I have. I see br-ex listed when I run ip a on the control node but it says its un-managed so I can't run tcpdump command on I try going into ALL of the neutron docker containers and running tcpdump br-ex but it says its still not up and un-managed...So where the heck is br-ex???? I know its some where cause I see it when I go into any docker container and run ovs-vsctil show

Please help me cause I have been trouble shooting this network problem for 5 days now!

How can I run tcpdump br-ex to see the packet contents flowing through it?

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You could ip link set dev br-ex up. Then tcpdump will work.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2017-12-08 18:01:40 -0600 )edit