modify default settings of lbaas haproxy

asked 2017-12-04 19:59:46 -0600

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updated 2017-12-04 20:02:16 -0600

My openstack version is kilo,then i found that i can't modify the default settings of lbaas haproxy with "timeout" parameter.Such as like this:

        log global
        retries 3
        option redispatch
        timeout connect 5000
        timeout client 50000
        timeout server 50000

    I want to raise 5000 --- 50000 and 50000--->500000,but when i change the conf with current lbaas conf and restart neutron-lbaas.service,there is not changed!
    I do not found a working way to slove this problems.
    Can anyone help me?Thanks very much!

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