After I use openstacksdk create a instance, I can not login use the admin_password in QEMU

asked 2017-12-04 05:31:57 -0600

liaodalin19903 gravatar image

I use the bellow args to create the openstack instance:

server_args = {
    "name":server_name, # its 123456
    "admin_password": admin_password,  # there is 123456 too

# create server
    server = user_conn.conn.compute.create_server(**server_args)
    server = user_conn.conn.compute.wait_for_server(server)
except Exception as e:
    raise e

But after I create it, I can not use the root/admin_password to login the instance. I am not sure whether the issue is, but I think my params is correct.


And in the QEMU, there is another issue sometimes, but I am not sure whether this is related:

enter image description here

cloud init getting data from <class 'cloudinit.source.DataSourceOpenStack.DataSourceOpenStack'> failed ...

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